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Mental Health Community Champion Program

As the population becomes more diverse, the need for multicultural counselling grows more apparent

What is Multicultural Counselling and its Definition? 

Multicultural counselling characterizes the counselling practice that offers effective interventions to culturally diverse clients. Race, ethnicity, and culture influence a client’s identity and life circumstances. Other factors, such as gender and gender identity, sexual orientation, age, socioeconomic status, religion, and ability may also play into the context of a given client’s mental health, and relational or personal issues. A culturally competent counsellor considers all aspects of a client’s worldview when selecting treatment approaches. The counsellor also remains aware of his or her own personal biases, beliefs, and attitudes while providing services.

The racial and ethnic disparity between therapists and their patients often makes it difficult for minorities to find a therapist who understands specific issues related to their experience. Helping those in therapeutic settings to better connect with their patients and be more sensitive to issues related to experiences of culture and race is just one reason that multicultural counselling is so important.

2) What We Offer

Ignite potential recognizes that we live in a community that includes individuals from a variety of backgrounds. Our clinicians are trained in advanced multicultural counselling and fully embrace and understand the key roles that a client’s culture, identity, ethnicity, race, gender, religion, and sexual orientation in the therapeutic process.

  • We offer one to one counselling session by an accredited mental health specialist from CALD background

  • Group session

  • Referral service to relevant agencies

3) What to expect

Counselling appointments are available face to face at our Darwin office, or through Telehealth

Eligibility – anyone with a migrant background

Note- this is only a general counselling services; psychological report or assessment are not the scope this service.

Exclusion – non migrants; mandatory clients; clients with complex mental health needs, international visitors and temporary workers

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